Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I would like to take this opportunity to profess my frustrations; and would like everyone to stay seated until the captain has removed the seat belt sign. 

Though I'm not one to whine like a wittle baby, I feel this is the opportune time to touch on something that's been getting under my skin; pricking me like a mosquito.  (stay with me...if you can)

Don't you just LOVE IT when people come to you and say, 'how are you?  you look great?  how is so and so?'  or 'OMG, where is so and so!? I love them so much!'    Normally being the smiley Starbritey person I am, I'll respond, 'oh just fine...they're okay,' but if you begin to make it a habit and the only time you speak to me is to find out how the other person is, I will have no other choice but to turn the other cheek (now kiss my ass).  How RUDE and annoying this has become for me on a daily.  I mean, come on...I know the intention, stop running yourself into that wall!   And since you don't quite understand the rammifcations of your actions; I will let you in on a will either be ignored, removed or just simply told a kind (sarcastic) word, so try to be considerate in your actions.    (beee boop)

*Spock voice* I just cannot compute their logic, captain.  (beee boop)

Dig on this...if you have their number...CALL THEM.  If you have their email, SEND A NOTE!  Stop coming to me to find out how they are.  I'll understand if you don't have ANY information on them...I get it!   I will graciously give you heads up on why you haven't heard from them or can't get in're not worthy enough to be given the information.  (OOPS...the number you dialed is currently out of service...don't call back)  So forgive me if I get testy because you're coming to me sending love to someone else THROUGH ME...over and over and over...continuously!!  I expect (and demand) you to speak to me directly or don't bother to waste your time!   (it's all about me in my just squirrels trying to jack me for my nuts

So please...stop following behind the shadows that aren't really there!  You're looking through jaded eyes and it is sooooo not becoming of you.  All you end up doing is playing yourself for a fool, my friend.  So I implore you, refrain from your fuckeries before it's too late.  I mean, if you have to remove me...DO IT, because people like you are a waste of my precious time!  BEEE BOOP!!


Oh and one more thing, I don't find bliss in continously ranting about things that bother me.  I have a NEED to release it from my space.  If I don't, there will be hell to pay.  So to keep my lollipops and sunshine, I must throw out the trash so that the sticky, dark entity doesn't capture my soul and turn me into a zombie!  BEEE BOOP  BEEEE BOOP

Thanks for flying Starbrite Airlines.  Hope you enjoyed the ride!  Take yo shit and be GHOST!  MUAHZ

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ABoyd378 said...


Spot On, and CRYSTAL CLEAR in Your Message!!