Sunday, July 31, 2011

LOST LOVE (A Caprice StarBRITE and Phoenix, The ReBorn Duet)

As I await for you in my despair
My tattered wings have suddenly began to shed... feather by feather
Cloaked in icy terrains, I slip feverishly amongst the cracks
Searching for you...

I breathe in the stench of my loneliness
Awaiting for your love to fill the void of my longing
The Burning Sensation in the Air
Coupled with the Stench of Solitude
And Dismal Gray Settings,
My Heart is pained by your not being here.
The Pressures of this place with which I reside
Created a Depth of Darkness that not even I can escape.
My arms and hands outstretched,
Awaiting for your Strong Grip to rescue me
From the torment of my downfall.
It is Cold on the Outside as well as Inside,
For I need the Warmth of your Heart to deliver Salvation.

Gnawing away at my open wounds
I feel the presence of your stench beckoning me...
Calling me
Stumbling, I follow the echoing of your voice; scraping my bare feet along the terrain
We once shared in harmony
I drop to my knees as the pain smeared tears are frozen to my cheeks
No longer able to continue my journey any further
But my heart tells me otherwise
As my body unwillingly glides painfully across the murky bleakness of my strength
Shadows form their own symphony as I fall in and out of consciousness

Listen closely to My Heart Beat as it attempts to feed you Audibly
In the name of sustaining your Malnourished Soul.
There is no need to feast on your bloody flesh,
When you are worth so much more to me.
My Heart is beckoning for You to seek Me, as I do the same.
When I find you in the Darkest of Shadows,
I will lift you up, so you do not drag yourself and waste away.
I will mend your fallen feathers, and bring them back to White.
I will tend to your Wounds, and make you whole again.
The Darkness may be thick, yet it is not Unchartable.
For we shall find a way out of there, and Forever Live Vibrantly.

My eyes begin to water as I know deep down that you are not before me
Speaking words of bliss knowing they are just echoes in the wind
Holding on to the memories of what was.
I want to be lifted from the anguish that controls me limb from limb
I want my malnourished soul to feel nourished again
I want my feathers to be as they were; filled with strength and vigor
But alas, this is merely hope pounding through my loins;
Choking every last bit of breathe I have left; soaked and drowning in the metropolis of my own despair

Fighting through this Hell, I have finally found you:
Scars adorn your Spirit when I look into your eyes.
Tears escape me; Relief and Pain within each drop.
Seeing your Physical Fragile State, I know your Soul is even Worse.
I hold you close to me, as what is left of your broken wings wrap around us.
Feeling your Darkened Feathers glide down my back and legs,
Your eyes begin to shimmer with Happiness as you bury your face in my chest.
I feel and hear your crying while you tremble and collapse in my arms.
I pick you up, while your arms wrap around me instantly.
As I carry you out of this harsh environment,
You fall asleep with Serenity and Peace on your lips.
I can see that you are exhausted from your fight to stay alive and sane.
Looking at the area with which I find your weak state,
I am disgusted with myself that you were punished here.
Making a Vow to You and Myself,
This place will be Banished from your Thoughts
And will Never be Seen or Spoken of Again.

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~
~© 2011 D. Caprice Todmann~


Thee_Kween said...

You saved him...isn't it something how when you're not "with" your love it's like something close to a spiritual death? If only people would SAY, "Help me...I need you!"

nice :)

Caprice Starbrite said...

INDEED!!! Thank you Peaches! *big grin*