Sunday, February 27, 2011

Truth Day Ten: Let Me Go!

Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

Without mentioning any names, there is, unfortunately, someone that I need and want to let go; but I have always believed that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  Everything happens for a reason??  So, as this question goes through my mind; consistently floating aimlessly attacking each side of my brain...why isn't there an answer!?

I don't know if I "wish" I didn't know them but I sure as hell wish they would get the hell out of my head.  I mean, I knew this person existed before but it was never completely known to me who they were (confusing, I know).  Then something lead me in there direction like a fish to water; a subliminal message beckoning me; whispering in my ear to come hither; like in the cartoons when the character is floating from the aroma of good food!  It's like a drug and I am the addcit and I need rehab (hi, I'm Starbrite...hey girl...*looks down*  Hey)

It's almost sickening and downright WRONG to have this feeling...these thoughts looming.  They're not going through it, I'm sure.  They've got too much on their plate to have thoughts of me looming in their head...but one will never know!  Sometimes you just don't know if you're invading someone's thoughts...shit...even if they did, why would they tell YOU?  

I know this is a truth blog where I'm supposed to be TRUTHFUL and should mention names, but I will NOT and you can't make me reveal it to you!  Trust me, it's better this way to not disclose any names at all!   Kind of like...leaving you hanging and letting your mind take you on a fantastic voyage of sorts; trying to figure out who the hell!  

Hey, some of you could know who I'm talking about (I will not confirm) and other's don't...but I will say this...the reason for these constant thoughts will make itself present to me in the near future and when that happens...I will release the name of my addict-or; once I am free from their reigns!!

Let's move on...

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