Saturday, February 19, 2011

Truth Day Seven: You are my life...You are my heaven

Now up on Day 7 and the challenge brings me to...Someone Who Has Made Your Life Worth Living For...

Two women that made my life worth living Great Grandmother, Suzanna Hoyt (my father's grandmother-admiringly known as "Mother Sue") and my Great Aunt, Gloria Taylor (my mother's Aunt-admiringly known as "Aunt Bunny")!  

Back down memory lane...I'd visit Mother Sue every weekend in Mount Vernon, New York.  She was this charismatic woman with a laid-back persona; saying what she felt and MEANING what she said!   I recall attending several Christmas get togethers and family gatherings as a child; hiding and peeking to hear what the adults were saying and stealing some nuts (this is where my love of nuts began-LOL).  At 15 years old, I felt compelled to visit (could have been that tasty authentic caribbean food, but I will never tell) because I believe in some form or fashion, I was being lead to her for a reason.   

She would sit in her usual chair (no one ever sat in that chair but her) in the livingroom, by the window, cigar or pipe in her mouth and brandy in her hand.  She NEVER made any excuses for what she did!  I had a fascination with her costume jewelry (which I was told later was left to me but because...never mind...I won't go there).  Now the thing about each piece she had, held a great story.  The most outlandish stories you can imagine of all her adventures of when she was younger was like story time, but they were not fairy tales. 

She later died of a heart attack, and with a smile on her face no less (so they tell me).  I still remember the day as it was yesterday and still wince everytime I think about it.  It was either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day when the woman that lived on the second floor of the house answered the phone.  I can still hear her words ringing in my ear, 'oh baby, Mother Sue done passed.'  I KNOW you could imagine how I felt at that moment. (shaking my fist at my father's family for not telling me; making up fucking excuses as to...okay...I'm good...I'm good); and the only thing I have to remember her by is a necklace of hers she gave me.  It is still in my possession.

Now...Aunt Bunny used to be a true glamour girl in her heyday (we'll call her Greta Garbo)!  The social butterfly in all her glory!!  She was attractive, the life of the party and all the men flocked to her like bees to honey (she managed to outlive all 7 of her husbands of diverse cultures and betta WORK)!  Honesty was also her policy and was quick to let you know to...screw yourself without batting an eyelash (ROTFLMAO-She was one hundred...100% of the time). 

At the age of 22, I lived next door to her.  In her last few months before she passed, she would visit me everyday.  I can still her her voice on the outside of my door with the light knock ('It's only me').   She had stories as well and AGAIN, I was completely fascinated of her escapades as a vivacious woman. 

Soon, I began running to the store for her because she wasn't able to walk up and down those stairs.  During this time, she began giving me things and it made me curious as to why.  I asked her one day and she said, I don't need it anymore!  Right there...RIGHT THERE...I KNEW what was happening, but I let it go.  One of the things she gave me was a needlework portrait she created from a picture she saw in Essence in the 70's (she was talented).  Everyone assumed it was me or felt it resembled me, but it wasn't me...but it could have been (LOL).    It's my piece of memory that I hold close.

So there you have it...two women in my life that I feel I have grown to become without trying to!  I truly feel the essence of their spirits living on through me which is why I believe that STARBRITE was suddenly born!! 

So even though there are some things that serve as a pattern for me of the way they lived their lives, I'm prepared to break the cycle and continue to live "without excuses or explanations" as they did...through the essence of their spirits!! 

And all I can say to that my lovelies, is...I have only just begun...

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