Saturday, October 16, 2010


I haven’t written in a while and I apologize…life, as usual, takes a hold and everything becomes secondary to me, but I’m gonna get there!  Just be patient with me! 

Anywhoo…this blog will be short and sweet, but I wanted to share with you my new found love…GRAPHIC DESIGN (besides singing and dancing which are my first loves, but that’s another blog for another time *wink*)! 

After getting involved in graphic design, my love for this creative genre is both therapeutic and rewarding!  Especially when there are those that call upon my services (well, not too many…FOR NOW) to create something original; and we all know original & eclectic is my middle name!  I would like to take the opportunity…scratch that…I AM going to take the opportunity to flourish in my new found love even if sometimes my design is NOT used for whatever reason; and take it to the highest heights!  

Do I get disappointed if someone busts my bubble after they’ve asked me to design something for them and then turn around and not use it?  Yes!  Yes I do, but sinking into disappointment is not an option for me because there will always be others who will actually USE my design!  What makes me happy is just being “considered” in its truest form!  Some may not feel what I do (you wait…you will ask and I will overcharge yo ass) and others do!  I will not compute or translate failure in my psyche!  It is not an option!  There is only one way I can go and down ain’t one of them!  Ya dig?  That is all….


ABoyd378 said...


Get your Creativity On!

Butterfly Effect said...

Graphic Design is so much fun! Enjoy!