Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Do you get the feeling sometimes that your aura might be is a little too much for some to bear?As if the mirror of your image is being distorted in the reflection of others eyes? Similar to…that cold blank stare of a greeting that you receive was clearly you showing more love than they wanted from you. (didn’t mean to cloud your space) I mean, should I be hurt at this reaction? Should I pull back my bright and shiny ways so as not to blind those that really don’t see me for what I’m worth? Should I care? Am I thinking too much? I know for a fact that I am, but that’s all apart of my make-up! I’ll admit that it does plague me on a daily but I’m learning (always…everyday) to keep things in perspective; to remember that what people think about you is not who you are (order of judgmental, coming right up) nor is it important for my growth; and lastly does not dictate my existence. We all know that images may be closer than they appear, so I’m going to shift my gears into “cruise control” and travel down my own road of purpose; watching you fly pass me missing every opportunity presented to you.

I REFUSE to conform myself to what people want me to be because they already have it in their minds of who I am. I speak sincerely when I say, I have always had the gift of reading people; whether it be through their eyes or their body language; and have come to the conclusion, if my red flag goes up, that means I need to pull back my “bright and shiny” ways because you obviously are not worthy of the light! Don’t do me any favors (I’m allergic) by “acting” as if you love me. I’ve accepted the fact that not everyone isn’t on the same page even if you want them to be! Maybe I give too much of myself expecting with expectation to receive the same! Honestly, I do. But it also leads me to ask this question…if I’m feeling as if the love I’m giving is not received accordingly, it makes me ponder on whether they truly love me for who I am or are they just “faking the funk” in place of their own insecurities? SMH

At this point...doesn't matter to me anymore! You take me or leave me...I can deal with that...but don't smile up in my face or shun...just because!


ABoyd378 said...

LOVE the Mentality and Philosophy that you described. "What you see is what you get." And to fuse that with your innate ability to Read others, definitely makes you a Force to take Notice of.

Glad to see you back on the writing scene!

Caprice Starbrite said...

Thank you Drew Drew! You always know the exact thing to say! :-)

VioletSyn said...

Keep being the kind, sweet and loving person that you are....people will try to stomp on your shineness (yes its not a word--I made it up and sheeeiiiitttt). Let them try all they want but it won't deter you it will only just deflect more of your love from them and onto those who appreciate it (me included). Tell 'em to kick rocks, breeze on and take a picture of ya ass as you strut away...holla!

Sorry about the last sentence I is suffering for heatwave rage like in a Brooklyn Spike Lee flick ;-P

Caprice Starbrite said...

*take a picture of ya ass as you strut away* I LIKES THAT! LOL Thank you sis!! Love you!! *HUGS*

Da_Kween said... really WERE feeling some kinda way. You know never pull back the bright and shiny. Fuck it. If they're blinded...give em a free pair of shades. Otherwise go full blast on em.

It's like you're reading my mind...because I just had this convo with Joy. I've always been able to read people. I have to adjust the dials sometimes...just because some people's book is full of crap. No other times, I'm tapping right into something powerfully positive. THAT is the prize that rewards this gift. There is someone shining right back at you with a genuine and true smile. Wave your hand at the rest.

Who you be? Starbrite who you be! *HMPH*

*mumbling* I fight kids, old people, slow folks, shit...

Caprice Starbrite said...

LOL @ Kween! This is exactly why I love you!! My REAL KWEEN speaks the truth!

This is something that has been bothering for a couple of years now and I couldn't hold it in anymore!

You know I'm gonna be Starbrite regardless...I just wish people wouldn't be so fake about their sheeit!!

Da_Kween said...

Give them fake mofos a very REAL pink slip!! We're too grown for that. If you wanna give me beauty pageant smile and you've good hood rat intentions, BITCH.BOO.BYE! Lighten that load, sis. Can't get what's coming to you if you have the wrong squad cheering. God wants your blessings to bless OTHERS, so he wants around you who is ready for your happiness AND theirs! ~mwah~

*got a little tear off that one...that came straight from the Him in me*

Caprice Starbrite said...

Awww...Peaches!! Those fools are NOT part of my squad...TRUST!! I just happen to "come across" them from time to time and you know how I do...stop, drop and roll...flash the STARBRITE smile to make them feel stupid and BOOM...I'M OUT!

Not to worry, I will NEVER let the Starbrite light dim for ANYONE!! The Creator won't let me! He's brought me too far to even THINK about giving them any energy. Plus, I'm too damn stubborn to let them ruin my know!? LOL

Danielle said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT...You are truly a great writer and I love everything you share. Some of the same things I have thought about myself.

Da_Kween said...

From one earth sign to another...yes, we ARE quite stubborn aren't we?