Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So here’s my tale of the “Midnight Caller!”  I get a call in the middle of the night that some would view as an obscene phone call.  At first I thought it might be one of my close friends playing a joke, but in listening for a couple of seconds, I realized who it was and hung up!  I am in mental purgatory; floating aimlessly trying to compute this brothers’ decision to actually make the call after I “debriefed” him on the subject of no sex calls to my house EVER!  What’s that you say?  Your phone actually dialed my number; it wasn’t you who called?  Oh wait, I know…it was your DICK that dialed the number, not you directly, is that correct? 

Let me make it a bit clearer for you so that we’re on the same page.  Some of you already know that I’ve been active in trying to keep my head together by writing regularly.  In the mist of it all, and to make a long story short, my erotic blog is all the rage.  Before the erotica came to fruition, I contemplated whether I should open pandora’s box for fear of the backlash that I would endure from the ignorant niggas (YES I SAID NIGGAS) and didn’t want to be downgraded as a woman and go through explaining my actions.  We know with anything we do in life, there is always consequence and one bad apple will spoil the bunch for everyone!  Oh, there he is now…ladies and gentlemen, the Married Man who thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants; when he wants it (as long as he doesn’t get caught and there’s no touching involved).  Shit, I didn’t get that memo and don’t enlighten me on the subject; please and thank you.  I am highly disappointed in this brother for taking the steps to disregard my feelings for his DICK!

I mean, some would say that I’m attractive or even sexy, but because I write an erotic blog does NOT give you the right to treat me as if I’m not worthy of respect!  I wrote the erotic blog as a release to my psyche and was elated that I received accolades for my narratives.  But at the same time relieved that there was no negativity attached to it, but I had a feeling in my gut, there was someone…somewhere out there who would seep through the cracks and show their true colors; and that he did (what took you so long FUCKER?).  There are some brothers that probably see me differently now but has not entered the FUCKERY zone (keep your hands and arms inside your seat, children) and can definitely breathe a sigh relief (for now-don’t try yourself).  We joke; we play; we cool; but do NOT cross the line because you will get your feelings hurt; and this brother decided to take it to the extreme and violate that right (I respect you.  Just talk.  I want to hear your voice so I can jerk off)!! 

In meeting this brother, one would think that he is intellectual; down to earth; and talented even.  But the reality is he turned out to be just a regular brother with “substandard” morals (I’m not touching you so we cool – YOU DUMBASS).  He listened to the calls of his DICK and resorted to downgrading his status as an upstanding MAN (please take your belongings and take it in the rear)! 

Let’s dig a little deeper…if an issue arises, I am the first to say let’s discuss it so there is an understanding and we remain cool.  I do not like to harbor bad feelings, hold grudges or put you in a category of distrust.  Everyone makes a mistake and entitled to a fair trial, if you will.  But if you turn around even after we’ve had this discussion and you make that bad judgment; I am only forced to give you a verbal lashing that you would wholeheartedly deserve (now bend over and take in the ass like a MAN, BIOTICH)! 

Writing about anything remotely involving erotica does not give anyone the right to an open forum of disrespect!!  I mean, why in the hell are these married men and ‘in a relationship’ brothers still looking “outside” like little boys as if they’re missing out on something (ladies, if you do it, you’re guilty of the same shit…I’m fair in my thoughts of FUCKERY)?  Almost making the assumption that it’s cool (and I’ll repeat myself) because we’re not “physically touching one another!”  It’s over the phone, right??  REALLY??  WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  I think we have a bad connection!

So, in closing, I say this to this brother; stick your DICK back in your pants and focus on your family!!  Kiss your child and hug your wife!  THAT’S your life!  And because you have no respect for my feelings and your DICK has the floor (clean up on aisle 6), I can be honest enough to say, all the respect I had for you went out the window!  Peace and all that jazzamataz!  DEUCES, FUCKER!!!


ABoyd378 said...

"Writing about anything remotely involving erotica does not give anyone the right to an open forum of disrespect!!"

THIS RIGHT HERE!!!! That says it All!! Very well done, and your Message has bee nreceived by me!

Keep it up!!

Butterfly Effect said...

"I respect you. Just talk. I want to hear your voice so I can jerk off"

Wow...just wow!!! That was just wrong right there. I have no words. Glad you got it out sis. I'm telling you this blogging thing is sooo therapeutic. I've abused my blog plenty of times letting off steam.

It's a sad situation that respect is lost. To him I would ask if it was at all worth it.

Da_Kween said...

I definitely feel you. I had my share of "manholes" who thought that my sexy stories, poetry and the occasional seductive picture meant that I was his to do what he wanted. No way. This is my "art" and you WILL respect me and it or get cussed until your ears ooze.

I'm glad you held to your moral code...keep that blog pumping. I hope he will one day realize how disgusting he walked away looking.

VioletSyn said...

I have lost complete respect for dude...he is one dude who I considered the few upstanding and good ones out there working hard like a rock for his fam now to then to turn around to do this shit?! Yoooo....I gotta look at him sideways now...son ya fucked up and there is no turning back....*speechless*