Monday, April 19, 2010


I write this letter to you, my love, because I know you are out there.  Here I exclaim my woes and thoughts to you because I need for you to see me truly.  So here it goes…

I have been the “rock” for those around me; that ‘go-to’ when you need advice type person for my entire life (even as a small child; what the hell did I know then??-LOL)!  Lifted others when they were down; fought for them to be stronger, and know that even with a kind word when I’m feeling low, that they are always looking out for a sistah and I just want to say to my friends, ‘I appreciate you in the deepest parts of my heart!’

But there is a part of me that is alone and I know you are the only one that can quench that thirst I long for!  Now, I don’t want you to think I’m suicidal and want to end it all…I’m too cute (and you know it) and selfish for that, but these are thoughts that go through my head as I wait for you to come to me!  I’m constantly thinking…I’m single, (right now financially struggling but we know that I always make a way and am in no way looking for a ‘sugar daddy’) never married with no kids; and I look around me and ask, ‘where is he??’  I know that even in my 41 years, I KNOW that you will cross my path and stay for a lifetime!  Maybe we’ve already crossed paths and I just missed you!  Maybe you were a little afraid to approach me thinking I couldn’t possibly have you for whatever reason.  Or maybe we both feel we’re not ready to be with anyone because of our present situations or maybe we sabotage those that come our way knowing they aren’t the one.  Crazy, yes?  Of course we are, and these things run through my mind as I think of you day to day. 

We walk around with expectations of what we assume to be our perfect person…our soulmate!  They have to have nice teeth; lots of money; they can’t smoke or drink; they have to be in shape; and blah blah blah.  With all the “baggage” of wants & needs weighing us down, I don’t think we will EVER know our soulmate if we keep putting up these restrictions!  Worrying about, should I change this or maybe I shouldn’t do that or am I worthy enough.  I usually come to my senses and tell myself…YOU ARE WORTHY!!  STOP YOUR CRYING!!  Because no matter what, we WILL find each other without warning and I am preparing for that day with open arms! 

So, my love, I write this to you (wherever you are I know you’re thinking of me)…I’m patiently awaiting on your arrival!  Waiting for your arms to pull me close so that I can escape from my pains.  And oh, when you come, don’t forget the wine, grapes and your sweet kisses!  MUAH



© Caprice Starbrite


ABoyd378 said...

Such a Beautifully Worded Letter!

I truly Hope that you and Mr. Compatible cross paths soon!! You truly deserve it!!

Caprice Starbrite said...

Thank You, hon! I know he's out there :)

Da_Kween said...

I love it, sis. I penned one in my journal a while ago. This is inspiring me to update it and post it. SURELY to give muse-due to my starry sistah! :)

*he's coming*

Caprice Starbrite said...

Awww, thanks Kween! :) POST IT!!

Butterfly Effect said...

So tender...keep the faith! You will be rewarded when you least expect it. ((((((HUG)))))

Caprice Starbrite said...

awww thank you Joy Joy! :) MUAHZ