Monday, April 5, 2010


So every Friday, I’m supposed to write a blog (this is what I promised myself) weekly to keep my brain cells alert, but it doesn’t seem to be going down that way because, as all writers would know, there are times where words may fail to make it to the surface; and you know I’m not going to just write about anything. Plus, my erotic blog has me consumed, so when the spirit moves me whether it be once a week or every two weeks, that’s when I’ll blog.

Today? I’m just tired of ‘people.’  No I don’t need your advice, what I’m doing at this moment is called VENTING!! VENTING!! VENTING!!  Let me state this for the record...(because I’m sure you didn’t get it the first time), VENTING!  I hope that we’re clear because there are some of you that just don’t give a fuck and like to warrant unsolicited opinions when they’re not needed!  Sound cold to you? Oh’ll get over it.

Just once I’d like to live in a world where people weren’t so fucking rude & selfish most of the time...just for maybe one week to have some solitude, where people are attentive and care about your feelings; then, they could go back to the fucks they truly are!  No one ever knows EXACTLY what’s going on in my mind even through my smile, but granted, if I’m feeling something bothers me, you know I have no problem expressing myself; and it’s those that “blow off” what I have to say that get’s under my fucking skin; like they can’t be bothered because what I’m saying is irrelevant and don’t feel like getting into it when I’m merely speaking my FUCKING mind! Really?? Well FUCK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! I guess if I stop speaking completely, you will have no way of knowing a damn thing and this problem wouldn’t be a problem anymore!  Only to you cause you’d be DYING to know what I’m thinking! Yea, that sounds like a rich idea. All you’ll get is a stare with no words. LOL  Blog my feelings only without worrying about obviously irritating someone! *middle finger* So, don’t ask me a damn thing about nothing, YES??

Oh forgive me; does my “rambling” annoy you??  I obviously sound upset, don’t I?? No lovelies, just TIRED of the bullshit, really. Didn’t mean to bother you in your little world of selfishness. I know...I’ll go back to the person I used to be where I sat and observed everyone without words (that’s gonna really fuck with your sanity, huh? LOL). Talking to myself is better for my sanity and more enlightening, and sounds like the best idea I’ve come up with yet (next to blogging and designing, of course - and you probably still don’t care because the fucker that you are, will blow this off)!

Oh and being taken for granted also ties into this too. If I tell you I don’t like something that you've said or done and show me (as usual) that you DON’T GIVE A FUCK, and continue to do it because you know, we cool and shit; I would advise you to STOP!! If I mentioned it once, means it bothers me so STOP FUCKING DOING IT!!  I don’t know how many times I have to keep repeating myself to someone that’s supposed to be in my corner and respect me but don’t respect my feelings!  I’m sorry, can you explain to me how that works again? Or do you care?? Oh, I got’re waiting for me to hurt your feelings with my words where it will bring us to a point of not speaking? I get it now. You didn’t care enough to take MY FEELINGS into consideration because to YOU it’s not important! Big problem! YOURS, not mine. If I’m speaking on something, then obviously it’s an issue, BIOTCHES!!  You think I talk just to hear myself speak!? (granted I know the sound of my voice is so sexy and soothing that the tone is all you hear, not the words. I understand.)

Oh and for those that are too good to speak, again, my apologies to you! This goes into me talking to myself (there I go again) didn’t mean to disturb your rudness! That’s my fault!  It’s always my fault, so forgive me...

If reading this stings you just a little or a lot (if you don’t give a fuck, I’m sure you will BLOW THIS OFF too), I would be very content in my peace of mind! Oh Happy Day!! Oh and remember, I offer no apologies for anything that I say, so if you don’t like it...I could really care less! Learn to respect people’s feelings and you’ll get it in return!! But I guess that would be too easy for you to comprehend! It’s hard to fight through your selfishness for others, YES!??


Butterfly Effect said...

Joy was here... ((((HUG)))

VioletSyn said...

Ditto LMAO....I think you spoke for yourself, me and all others who've been ignored and misjudged by the fuckers of the world!!! HAHAAAA

ABoyd378 said...

*Nodding and Smiling*