Thursday, March 11, 2010


There is something that’s been troubling me (okay, I’m downright tired of this shit) for sometime now and felt the need to relieve my psyche of these woes that backstroke in corner of my mind(6 feet deep).

My lovelies...there is an outbreak of uncertainty within ourselves; an insecurity that’s been handed down from generation to generation; brewed up and simmered (4 to 5 decades, add a pinch of doubt and stir) by those deceitful minions running around in our heads..stabbing at every opportunity to control our mindset (oooo wee O...oooooooowhoaaaaaaaa). What the hell is she talking about, you ask??: Well, I’ll tell ya. I’m talking about...SELF-WORTH...PLAYA HATIN A SISTAH...PUTTING OURSELVES DOWN (do you see a pattern here??)!! Note: when I say “sistah”, I don’t mean a sibling or a black woman...I mean women in GENERAL. We are all guilty in some frame, form, dress, shoe or fashion of breaking down our own spirits, as well as someone else's’. Now, I’ve never tried to break someone down or speak ill of them “intentionally,” (okay, I have...but I digress and forgived myself for it...I really did!), but have been down that road a few thousand times, and have finally had to realize I was wasting my energies on unimportant entities. After learning this, I finally found my WORTH as a person and knew I was better than that. I became honest with myself and learned to love myself more than I ever could. Yes it’s hard to shut out the whispers...the eye-rolling...(girl, did you see what she was wearing)...tearing ourselves down because we think we’re not good enough...(I’m alone because no one loves me and I’m not as pretty as she is). But once we fight these demonistic ways, we can go on to be the best we can be, right? (this is not an Army recruiting ploy!) RIGHT??

Let’s break this down another way, shall we? See, the insecurities that plague us KNOWINGLY exposes itself on a constant and tear our souls to shreds; failing to recognize it or it could be we are simply blind to what’s in front of our face (and nine times out of ten this is usually the case). It is a challenge to “learn” to love oneself (I know) and not deal with the voices floating around in our heads (who is that? what? but I don’t want to! shut up! I hate you! I love you!). A constant battle, if you will; a mere war of the minds - the psychological breakdown we take ourselves through day-in and day-out without any resolve. But I’m here to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel; that the same shit doesn’t have to be repeated once you understand how to break through the cycle of insanity.

So my message to you is this, my lovelies (and this applies to little girls, as well as grown ass womens); KNOW your self worth. KNOW that you are beautiful no matter what skin you’re in while learning to love yourself. KNOW that violence and screaming at the top of your lungs is never going to solve your problem (you’re only giving power to unnecessary energy that can destroy you). KNOW that no one can hold you down but YOU, so get your shit together and stop worrying about the “I-ain’t-gots” and “I-can’ts” and get YOURS.

I AM WORTHY; I AM BEAUTIFUL; I CAN DO ANYTHING I SET MY MIND TO AND I LOVE ME...DAMMIT !! Repeat, rinse and then repeat steps over and over again until you get the mutherpluckin’ picture. GOT IT!? You will find how GROWED UP you can become when you see the beauty of YOU for who you really are!

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