Friday, March 26, 2010


FRISKY! I like that word! Say it with me...FRISKEE! FRISKEEE!! Say it...say it...FRISKEE - LMAO (this is a line from the movie, “The Out of Towners” starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn-a remake of the 60’s movie with Jack Lemon..a .must see!)

So yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....I’m on Facebook responding to a plethora of comments on a friend’s page and a particularly “tasty” topic popped up that I had to blog about! If I shall be blunt (and you know that’s the only way I know how to be), let’s talk about sex, baby! It can be a beautiful union between two people that care deeply for one another, BUT...there is the other side of it that people have a problem grasping; a lot of judgementalizations (yea, I like to make up words to intensify, ya dig!) of what is right and wrong. I’m talking about the...hittin’ it and quittin it syndrome (thank you, drive home safely).

Okay...listen...let me get this out of the way now, we all like sex right? (yes it’s been berry berry good to me, yes) So why is it that people find fault in someone who just wants to have sex? No feelings, just some good old fashioned nasty ass yummy sex to relieve the stresses of the day and clear up your skin (fuck you Clearsil, I got something better)! Some may feel that it lowers you as a person and are not truly one with yourself if you give away, disrupt or disrepect your sacred vessel freely. Sure, in some instances if you abuse your goodies, you are bound with consequences that may arise. On the other hand...there is nothing wrong with a little “break off” (do me you never done before...oooooooo give it me til i just can’t take no mo’) We’re not talking “feelings” here (whoa whoa whoa feeeeewiiiiiiiings), it has to do with gettin’ it when you need or want it. I have done it and do not feel like I disrepsected myself as a person or my body. I am confident and sure about who I am and uninhibited enough to keep my shit in tact and not just give it away to just anybody. And don’t get it twisted lovelies, you can’t be calling on me just because you THINK I’m gonna give to you! (BEEEEEP...I’m unable to get your call at the moment, be sure NOT to leave me a message cause I ain’t gone get back to you! BYEEEEEEE...BEEEEP) I’m selective with my fruits, dig me!? *blows kiss*  Now there have been times where I did regret getting it because why...IT WASN’T GOOD (get the hell out and don’t call me...damn, where’s my vibrator!) But when I want it, I’m gone get it, ya feel me (right there...that’s the spot)? This even includes loving myself...cause can’t nobody love you like you baby!! (I’m frisky...say frisky...say it...yeaaaaaa) And ain’t nothing wrong with a little masturi-bations...2, 3, 10 times a day! owwwwwwwwww

Now that I’ve gotten a full orgasm and can now breathe, let me say this to you...we grown! If you don’t take care of you, who gone check it, BOO?? So please, don’t preach *fingers in ears* You’ve got one life to LIVE IT! MUAHZ


Butterfly Effect said...

I'm FRISKY too! For me I have no problem with people doing the nasty. Just be safe with it. And girl I done frustrated myself last night from masturbating. I can't do it girl. I'm looking for the dick afterwards. I'm saying. I woke up like...grrrrr! LOL

VioletSyn said...

There is nothing wrong with casual sex as long as safe practices are adhered to and the non-commitment conditions are clear on both parties....don't get me wrong feelings are bound to spark especially if you and the other person are already "buddies" but the expectations should be clear--just some sex and nothing engagement...marriage...a partridge in a pear tree...none of that! I think if that is already clarified BEFORE the act takes place then ya better werk ya twerk and set up your rendezvous!! ;-P