Friday, March 12, 2010


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been blogging and letting go a lot of what’s been buried inside my head.  For those that know me, KNOW I was always one for putting the pen to the paper...even as a teenager; and blogging is nothing new, but it “is” new to be consistent with it on a weekly basis.  When I made up my mind to do this, I said to myself that I’d push to be more frequent; to keep my mind focused, fresh and busy so as to not let my mind stew on the negative; and continue something I started without it falling by the waist-side.  A way for me to release those entities that try to move in and take up residence in my brain. 

I’ve written about loving yourself inside and out as a woman; the funnies involving things I encounter on my day to day; a couple of venting sessions; the perfectionist; the paths we go in our lives and an erotic story (for yo ass).  But what makes this so interesting to me (and why THIS blog is being written) is that, the erotic story got ALL of the attention over the others. Surprising??  Yes and no...

Is there a DNA chromosome in our system that secretes these juices that leads us to easily migrate toward the “forbidden”?  No matter what it is that people think is bad for you, they’re going to continue to go in that direction...why?  Because it feels so damn good!  (hahaha...yea baby...YEA)  But seriously, let me bring you back...I was getting the selected few responses from my positive blogs and it felt good (a few of my close friends that support me in all that I do, of course), but something just wasn’t quite solid for me.  Some were paying attention, and others weren’t (did they see the post?? hmmm).  So imagine my surprise when I sprung the “erotic” blog on the masses, how the overwhelming responses poured in like a brush fire in a forest.  Left and then right...people were contacting me and exclaiming how much they loved it; even got some positive feedback of “I thought I was the only one that felt this way” and “This is a natural thing and people make it out to be wrong” responses were hitting me with a one two punch, and I have to say, that felt great!  For you to express what’s on your mind freely and have people relate to it in more ways than one, is something like heaven to me.  So I’m thinking to myself...maybe I found a loop hole within the erotic world for myself.  Somehow found my niche without really looking for it.   Maybe this could be something that could take me further than I could ever imagine.  And when you look at it for what it is, you see that certain things in our lives will spring up on us when we least expect it to; not really realizing the impact it may have because you began doing it only for yourself.   

On the other hand, there are the few that may think that because you venture into the “forbidden” freely, that there MUST be some inner issues you’re dealing with!  A soul needing to reach for a higher power to get right.  You might be right, but let me throw this at you...what if the soul IS free and on a righteous path?  Is a person wrong to express themselves because society says it’s taboo?  Sorry, can’t get on that train.  That is NOT a philosophy I live by (we already know I like to break the rules).  My mind, body and soul is that of a great one and I will continue to embrace whatever comes my way; whether someone things its right or wrong.  If I listened to what everyone believes and thinks, what life am I living?  (hut 2, 3, 4)  Are you truly living?  Think about it and get back to me on it (your call did not go through...please check the number and dial again...this is NOT a recording).

So I end this blog with this...Whether you agree or disagree, I’m going to do what I do however I feel it needs to be done!  If you learn to live a little, your life will be much more enriched and a bit more exciting!  LEARN TO LIVE YA’LL!!  SMOOCHES

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Butterfly Effect said...

OMG!! It happened with my poetry. You stumble upon something that turns out to be your gift, your thing. I love it. And don't worry about us nasty folk..I believe people gravitate toward the sexual because they are loaded with stress and sex is that thing that soothes it. I love all of your reading. It reads soo well.