Thursday, March 11, 2010


I know I said I'd blog every Friday, but I had to give consideration to this "special presentation" blog...


ALERT: Gentlemen...this is not for all men, so please don’t get offended by my truths because if you only proves that you are one of these men.

Riddle me this: Why do (some not ALL) men feel the constant need to spread their legs wide to swag their dick while seated on the train? Biology proves that the dick is a muscle that can bend and flex into whatever position...straight; limp; sideways; take up a whole section of seats to make room for your dick? REALLY?? Sometimes I just wanna jump up, grab that dick and position it correctly. Yea, I said it!! They sit in their mack stance...’yea girl, look at want some...yeaaaaaaaaa’...Maybe I do...maybe I don’t...who am I kidding...I ALWAYS DO...but when I’ve had a long day or my back decides it wants to go out on me and I need to sit...I do NOT need to feel your legs pressed HARD up against my thigh as if to tell me...Sorry, I can’t dick needs some room! Too much pressure to keep the legs closed! Really? REALLY?? Well if that’s the case, then maybe I should wrap my legs around my head; take up two seats so that my pussy can get some air too, huh!? Or maybe...drape my legs over yours so I can get comfortable. Wait...I think that would be a little too enjoyable! Scratch that section!...*enjoyable for me in private I suppose* tee hee...But me a favor and tuck that sucker in!

This is has been a public service announcement sponsored by STARBRITE VENT-ALOGY! When you can’t say it, STARBRITE will!!

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