Thursday, March 11, 2010


Why is it that everything we do for ourselves in less than perfect and the things we do for others is 100%? Why is it that we go above and beyond for someone else but always neglect ourselves? This could be in relationships, family, career, or just the everyday that puts my mind in this query.

I lived the philosophy of doing for others and forgetting my own existence. Running to and fro like a chicken with my head cut off (holding it in my hands for safe keeping) to make sure everything is...was laid out perfectly. OMG...I can’t be late, I left that report on my desk... why didn’t he call when he said he would? What am I gonna do now that I’m not working? I don’t feel like it…I’ll do it tomorrow! Then some additional stress rolled in...demons and spirits and vultures...OH MY!! Suddenly, after some years (I’m 41 so you know everything doesn’t happen over’s a process lovelies) a light bulb went off in my head, stopped in my tracks, blinked and said to myself, ‘what are you doing? why are rushing? why are you wasting your energies around people that are bringing you down? ‘how can I get off this road of self-destruction? It was a hard realization to come to terms with but I faced my demons, choked them with my bare hands and went full force (bruises and all). Now of course, I am still plagued with some stress, but all in all, I got grown, am able to wake to see another day and think clearly. Now this doesn’t mean that I will be selfish enough to not help those in need. I am deemed to help…it’s in my nature (I’m superwoman) but I am not going to forget about who I am! MY needs, MY wants and MY desires are just as important as anyone else’s. Does that sound selfish? Maybe it does, but that’s of no concern to me…I gotta live to, right? I’ll be there for you, but I come first.

I am not perfect living in my little perfect world. If that was so …I’d be boring as hell! I will continue to be eclectic…eccentric…a character in this world I called a play!! I will be exciting…dare to dream…do something that I’ve never done before (and I have...won’t stop…can’t stop)…hug a stranger…make mistakes and learn from them! Cause I be DAMNED if I go through my life living for someone else! YA FEEL ME!!

This is has been a public service announcement sponsored by STARBRITE VENT-ALOGY! When you can’t say it, STARBRITE will!!

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Butterfly Effect said...

That phrase really stands out to me...perfection is boring! You done said it right there. But, yeah sometimes we have to stop running in order to access the damage we've caused by neglecting ourselves. You are your best buddy. You gots to take care of her.