Thursday, March 11, 2010


Some say the path you go is the path meant for your journey; stay focused on your goals and your dream will be realized! Right right...Let’s not forget that there are the circumstances in our lives that make us veer off the beaten path and create lasting changes we didn't expect. (Oh my lawd...all is lost!!) Making plans early in our! For some, it executes perfectly...but we have to ask ourselves…are we REALLY “happy” with the...”plan we set in motion?” Some get the “jaded...torn at the edges ...ripped at the seams” lives…leaving us running around in circles because of a glitch in our mental mechanism. To plan or not to plan is the question! Listen, sometimes things don’t go as planned...finding Mr. or Mrs. Right; 1 point 2 point 4 point 3 children; being your own boss at the prime age you set your standards doesn’t mean that your life is worthless...done...over. What makes the journey so much more fulfilling is that we just LIVE. Making “plans” and setting ourselves higher than we can reach can be a bit unrealistic at here is my thought. Don’t let the path you “wanted” to go and didn’t get; have you cloud your judgment of the possibilities that await you. There is always time to create new paths; journeys; memories. No one is perfect - though there are some out there that think they are (**woo woo woo...woo woo’s alright to create a fantasy but you will eventually need to come down off that horse and get your ass whipped...K? Okay sweetie**) Orchestrate your process to the best of your abilities; stay focused on what it is your reaching for and delete the “what-if’s” and “I-don’t-know’s” in your mindset and you will forge ahead to an exciting path.

I have to say that, I am at the prime age where I am SUPPOSED to have had everything set, but you know what? I’m good with the fact that things didn’t go the way it was planned...I’m good that my path veered in another direction, though a little jaded, or I wouldn’t have turned into the “newly formed sexual kitten-brightly-lit-social-butterfly” persona that is me. I break rules 'cause it’s exciting...because I CAN...and will continue to do so to make the most of who I am. I may not have gotten everything I wanted (and still don’t have some of what I want), but as long as I am able to wake up everyday; continue to stay on a positive track; I will only create a plethora of opportunities waiting for me to reach my full potential!

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