Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trials & Tribulations

Worn and torn from the road travelled
Trying to find my purpose
As insanity dances in my path
Taunting me…tripping me…pushing me…hitting me
I fall and brush away the dirt
Knees scrapped
Elbows bloody
Head achin

I block blow after blow of this maniac entity
The more strikes I receive
The greater my determination is to keep moving
Moving towards a purposeful journey

I come to the end of the road
It’s do or die at this point
Standing at the edge of the cliff
Hesitating to cross the rickety bridge that may fall beneath my feet

Don't U dare give up I scream inside my head and
Face insanity head on
There’s no turning back…only moving forward
I strike back and knock insanity off the edge
I breathe deeply and cross the bridge with much difficulty
Hearing insanity’s screams echoing in the distance
My heart begins to fill
as I get closer and closer to my destination

Still…there is someone trying to prevent me from moving forward
I want to give up and let them control me
But I won’t
At this point there is no turning back…
No one is gonna stop me from getting where I need to be


Butterfly Effect said...

THAT'S RIGHT!!! KEEP ON MOVING AND DON'T TURN BACK!!! When you feeling down and out make sure you come back and read your own words. Great job!

Caprice Starbrite said...

Thank you BE! If I don't believe in me...then I'll lose myself! :)