Sunday, June 7, 2009


I wrote this years ago about a few people that betrayed me, but in reading it recently, I decided to update it to apply to everyone that has had a hand in screwing me over; whether it be in love or in friendship.


My love,

I hope this won’t be too much for you to bear but I needed to tell you how I feel about you; and that I have nothing but love in my heart for you. Here it goes…

You are the most fucked up person I have ever met in my lifetime! You smoked on the drug of deceit and stand there pondering…should I? Shouldn’t I? Why should that be a question? Like the strings of a puppet you obey to the temptations and dug a hole deeper than you can imagine. You once told me that you were righteous and positive…real, even! But it wasn’t true. I saw temptation yesterday sitting on my windowsill swinging its legs licking on an icey telling me everything about you. Crazy how these things happen, huh? Thinking you can get away with something and not get found out. Wow! You’re such a mindless idiot!

Nothing for nothing, but you’ve fallen prey and have kissed the feet of Lucifer himself. Making you believe that you are blessed and can do no wrong but in fact…you’ve done me wrong; inviting the 7 deadly sins for dinner; blind to the fact that they’re using you as their advocate. I was a fly on the wall watching all of you lick the acidy blood dripping from your fingertips; listening to you banter on and on about how “you got me!” You failed to realize I watched everything you did…heard everything you said; and now…my heart fills with satisfaction…knowing how things will soon change in your world without me doing a thing. So… my next move is this…watch you suddenly find a corner to stand in so as not to look me in my eyes to avoid the confrontation! But I’m better than that. I’ll just smile my brightest smile and ask you how you been! Mhmmm – now that’s what I call ecstasy! Listening to you stutter unsuccessfully like a child caught lying is all the revenge I need. You know why this is? Because you know I didn’t deserve the way you treated me! You fucked me without thinking of the consequences it may induce! The guilt fucked you so hard without lubrication that you began to bleed profusely. Wouldn’t even think about giving you an antidote for your wounds! I would rather watch you suffer.

Soooooo…after saying all this, I just wanted you to know; deep in the deepest of hearts…to the top of my head to the tips of my toes…rest in hell!!!

I know, sometimes the truth hurts but you needed to know.

Stay blessed! Muah


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