Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is seeing…believing??

You see me in your dreams

I am beautiful in your eyes

My curves dance in the shadows of your mind

Forever captivating…hypnotizing you


But when it comes time

To show what’s really me

You don’t see the potential

The reality of who is me…

Could it be that you’re not really

looking deeper than what you see


Could it be that…

I may be the light that shines ever so brightly in your heart

Could it be that…

I may give you the strength when you’re feeling low

Could it be that…

I may give you the words you seek when you are in need


If my beauty is all that you see…than you have not seen all of me…

1 comment:

Butterfly Effect said...

I really relate to this one...seeing can be in fact misleading..

*snappin fingas*